Matt Haarms: 5 things to know about the Purdue basketball center

Haarms disliked by some, loved by most
The young center is “disliked” for the emotion-fueled motor that he plays with that gets under people’s skin.

Matt Haarms’ biggest fear
His biggest fear is a crawling eight-legged creature.

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Purdue basketball’s Matt Haarms wants his new style to extend Boilers’ big man tradition

Haarms represents a new era of Boilermaker big man. Molded in Europe, comfortable on the perimeter, fiery and demonstrative and erupting with energy on the court. He bulked his 7-3 frame up to 250 pounds, seeking strength to balance his agility.

Yet as he admits, a modern center is still a center. Purdue still needs the native of The Netherlands to score on the block and serve as a defensive backbone.

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32 Days to Purdue Basketball: Matt Haarms

Last season we saw little glimpses of what Haarms can be withing Purdue’s gameplan.

He was a strong defensive presence that averaged better htan two blocked shots per game (79 on the season). He often spelled Isaac Haas and offered a different look. He was a better defender than Haas, but not as offensively skilled at the basket.

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