Brabants Dagblad: Devon van Oostrum brengt Britse bravoure

Aan de hand van de nieuwe pointguard Devon van Oostrum wil New Heroes dit seizoen de stap terug naar de top van het Nederlandse basketbal vervolmaken. De Britse Nederlander zelf is alvast vol vertrouwen. ,,Het gat met Donar dichten? Ik weet zeker dat het mogelijk is.”

,,New Heroes heeft me gehaald om dit team te leiden. En dat ga ik ook doen”, zegt hij.

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The curious case of Devon Van Oostrum: from elite prospect to New Hero

If you were to turn back the clock five years, Devon Van Oostrum might still be one of the hottest names in European basketball. No longer a star on the rise, the 25-year-old point guard is itching to remind the continent about himself.

Having roamed all over Europe before an unfortunate knee injury left him sidelined for over a year, the player opted for a fresh start with the New Heroes Den Bosch in a place he can call home. Despite being better known as a standout for Great Britain national teams of various age groups, it is by no means a coincidence that Van Oostrum ended up back in the Netherlands.

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10 spelers (waaronder Devon van Oostrum) om in de gaten te houden bij de FIBA Europe Cup-kwalificatierondes

Devon van Oostrum was once an elite prospects in Europe, sharing the FIBA Europe Young Player of the Year ballot in 2013 with the likes of Dario Saric, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Domantas Sabonis and Alex Abrines. Those days may be long gone, but the 1993-born point guard with an eye for the flashy pass has continued to tantalize basketball fans with his untapped potential. Having strung together a couple of strong seasons in Greece, van Oostrum saw his momentum ended by an unfortunate knee injury in February 2017 representing MZT Skopje in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Looking to get his career back on track, the guard took up an opportunity with New Heroes Den Bosch back in his country of birth, Netherlands.

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