Ex-Donar speler Lance Jeter tekent contract bij Pasvalio Pieno žvaigždės

Lance Jeter heeft een contract getekend bij Pasvalio Pieno žvaigždės uit Litouwen. De club eindigde het afgelopen seizoen op de zesde plaats (van de tien clubs).

Jeter speelde het afgelopen seizoen bij JL Bourg Basket uit de Franse Jeep Élite (hoogste divisie). Gemiddelde cijfers: 21.8 minuten, 6.3 punten, driepunters 35.2% en 3.4 assists.

Lance Jeter speelde drie seizoenen bij Donar (seizoen 2014-2015 t/m 2016-2017).

Ex-Donar coach Ivica Skelin tekent contract bij New Heroes

Basketball gingen op 27 augustus uit elkaar.

De club uit Den Bosch heeft een nieuwe coach gevonden: Ivica Skelin.

De Kroaat kwam als opvolger van Hakim Salem in december 2012 naar Donar en werd o.a. twee keer kampioen van Nederland. Na Donar was hij coach van KK Split en voor korte tijd bondscoach van Kroatië.

In het interview van 9 augustus gaf Ivica Skelin al aan dat hij graag naar een buitenlandse club wilde.

Ex-Donar speler Drew Smith tekent contract bij BK Jūrmala uit Letland

Drew Smith heeft een contract getekend bij BK Jūrmala uit Letland. Het team eindigde het afgelopen seizoen op de tweede plaats en werd in de halve finale van de play-offs uitgeschakeld door VEF Riga. In het seizoen 2015-2016 kwam hij ook uit voor Letse team. Drew is in het bezit van een Lets paspoort.

Smith speelde het afgelopen seizoen bij Rasta Vechta. De Duitse ploeg was de nummer één van de ProA (de één na hoogste divisie). Zijn gemiddelde cijfers waren 13.8 minuten, 6.0 punten en 4.0 rebounds.

Drew Smith kwam in het seizoen 2016-2017 uit voor Donar.

Vraag en antwoord met Matt Bauscher (ex-speler van Aris Leeuwarden, Donar en EiffelTowers)

Matt Bauscher speelde in Nederland voor Aris Leeuwarden (2008-2009), Donar (2009-2010 en 2010-2011) en EiffelTowers (2012-2013) en ik heb hem een aantal vragen gesteld. Hieronder staan zijn antwoorden.

Vraag: How is your life now (family, job etc)?
Antwoord: Life is going very well. I’m 33 years old now, Lindsay and I celebrated this summer our 5th year anniversary. Our daughter Nyia Grace Bauscher is our world- she’s 3.5 years old now. We are expecting our second child January of 2019!

Vraag: You played for Boise State, how do you look back at that period?
Antwoord: Loved every moment of Boise State. I was tested mentally and physically in a way I didn’t think was possible. It was a battle each day, to get better and try to improve with a demanding school schedule. I arrived as the worst player on the team and left a team captain, won the teams most inspirational player award 3 years in a row and a conference championship.

Vraag: Your first club after college was Aris Leeuwarden, after that you played two seasons for Donar and the last club in The Netherlands was EiffelTowers. What are your memories about that period?
Antwoord: The Netherlands will always hold a special place in my heart- I lived there for 4 of my 6 years overseas there. Leeuwarden was special because it was my first time playing in Europe, living in Europe. That first morning I woke up in Leeuwarden I felt like I was so far from Boise. I had a feeling this was going to be a long long year…which it turned out to be an amazing experience.They were so generous to me- treating me like family. The league that 2008-2009 year was the best by far of any years in Holland I experienced. Groningen was like a dream- our team was like family. We were the hardest working team in Holland, the most talented and loved each other as brothers. We embraced the Donar Community and I enjoyed experiencing the city, the fans, the club. To win the championship, cup- play in Euroleague was so unique and a wonderful opportunity. It was disappointing they couldn’t keep our team together after that 2011 year. Coach Marco was great to play for- we had the work ethic that was perfect for his hard nosed style. Den Bosch- Coach Korner, Coach Sam Jones- talk about two of the greatest, classiest coaches you could ask for. I bonded with the coaches, players and fans very well down south. It was fun to win the Dutch Cup and live in a different part of the country.

Vraag: What was personally your hightlight in these years?
Antwoord: It was the traveling- exploring all of the The Netherlands and 14 other countries. Being from Boise I had never been to Europe- I was fascinated with how beautiful everything was. I will always have wonderful memories of the 6 years playing basketball- BBL in Germany, leading the league in scoring, MVPs but winning the championships and celebrating with the fans was the ultimate highlight.

Vraag: Do you still have contact with some former players in The Netherlands?
Antwoord: I still keep in contact with some of them- not as much as I would like. Everyone seems to be doing great in the next chapter with a few of the guys still playing.

Vraag: Is there basketball in your life after you retired (recreation, watching games etc)?
Antwoord: I still watch basketball and play every once in awhile. I won a basketball tournament lately with Jason Ellis- that was a lot of fun. I am thrilled to be able to coach my children one day and teach them all the lessons about basketball that I have learned.

Vraag: Do you want to say something to the fans of Leeuwarden, Donar and Den Bosch?
Antwoord: I really miss you guys. Please stay in touch! Lindsay and I are going to come visit Holland in a few years with our kids and show them where we lived and our favorite Holland spots!

Ex-Donar speler Ken Brown tekent contract bij de Litouwse club Alytaus Dzūkijos

Ex-Donar speler Ken Brown heeft een contract getekend bij de Litouwse club Alytaus Dzūkijos. Het team eindigde afgelopen seizoen op de één na laatste plaats.

Eind juli tekende hij een contract bij de Dominicaanse club Indios de San Francisco en speelde twee wedstrijden.

Daarvoor kwam Brown uit voor VEF Rīga uit Letland. Zijn gemiddelde cijfers waren 21.6 minuten, 11.3 punten, driepunters 36.8%, 5.2 assists, 1.1 steals en 1.7 turnovers.

Ken Brown speelde in het seizoen 2015-2016 voor Donar en op 14 december 2015 hadden club en speler in onderling overleg besloten het contract te ontbinden.

Ex-Donar speler Bradford Burgess naar VOO Liège Basket

Bradford Burgess heeft een contract getekend bij VOO Liège Basket.

De Belgische club eindigde het afgelopen seizoen op de negende (van de tien teams) plaats van de Belgische EuroMillions Basketball League. Hij kent het Belgische basketball want in de seizoenen 2012-2013 en 2013-2014 speelde hij bij Leuven.

Burgess was geliefd bij vele fans van Donar. Hij kwam in januari naar Donar als vervanger van Stephen Domingo. Zijn gemiddelde stats bij Donar waren 21.0 minuten, 10.1 punten, 4.7 rebounds en driepunters 45.5%.

Ex-Donar coach Ivica Skelin: “I would like to work abroad”

Mijn laatste interview met ex-Donar coach Ivica Skelin was van 8 augustus 2017, dus werd het tijd om contact te zoeken en hem een aantal vragen te stellen. Zijn antwoorden staan hieronder.

Vraag: how are you now and do you enjoy the time in Croatia?
Antwoord: for the moment I’m in Split, Croatia and enjoying my vacation. This is the first summer since 2015 that I have a break. Last two summers I have been with NT on Olympics and European Championship.

Vraag: in september 2017 you became head coach of the national team of Croatia and that period ended in March 2018. How do you look back at that period?
Antwoord: last season I was very busy and I have been coaching parallel NT and Split. It was not easy with NT because our best players could not participate and we had some important players injured. Results were not as we used to have and in that situation coach has his responsability.

Vraag: after Donar you became head coach of KK Split for 3 seasons. Your team had not the biggest budget, but satisfied with the results and the performances of the team?
Antwoord: a few months before I became coach of Split, team had avoided relegation to second division. First season we have finished sixth and next two seasons we lost in semi final against Cedevita. We made huge progress and I have to say thanks to the organization and players for the wonderful three seasons.

Vraag: what was your personal highlight with KK Split over the 3 seasons?
Antwoord: the fact that we succeeded to win Cedevita,Cibona and Zadar is something that makes me proud.

Vraag: so far I know you don’t have a coach job for the coming season. What are your plans and do you prefer coach job in Croatia or other country?
Antwoord: I would like to work abroad.

Vraag: do you still follow Donar and was it a surprise for you that Donar played in the semi-final of the FIBA Europe Cup?
Antwoord: I did not have time to watch Donar last season but I have been following their results. Compliments for the players, coaches, staff …I think that they made more than anybody expected. They have played against great teams and they proved their quality.

Vraag: do you want to say something to the fans of Donar?
Antwoord:I wish them a great season, lot of success and trophies.

Jason Dourisseau: “as long as my body allows me to still be a contributor to my team, i want to play”

Ik heb tien vragen aan Jason Dourisseau van Donar gesteld en hieronder staan de vragen en antwoorden.

Vraag: how are you, Renate and Myliana Romée Alma now? It must be great to all of you to be back in Omaha with your family.
Antwoord: we are all doing great! Im so in love with my baby girl…shes growing like crazy and changing every week…rose is good too…shes a GREAT mother and we are loving this time in the summer we have.

Vraag: next season it will be your 7th season with Donar. Seven years is long, how do you look back at these years?
Antwoord: I look at these years as some of the best of my life and basketball career. Ive played with some GREAT players and even better people, people i still communicate with today.  Winning 3 championships with Donar is something Im very proud of, and something i will never forget as long as I live. I also am very thankful for everything the club has done for me and my family. And of course, the fans are just incredible. The energy and passion they give their team is second to none. Playing in a packed Martini Plaza is a priveiledge that i am very thankfu.

Vraag: after the 2016-2017 you are 33. Do you think already about the future and maybe playing basketball for one or two years after that season?
Antwoord: I take things a year at a time. I still love to play. I still love the day to day of basketball. I love being around my teammates everyday, and i love talking basketball with coach. So as long as my body allows me to still be a contributor to my team, i want to play.

Vraag: for a good career after so many years your body must be in shape. What is your secret of a health body?
Antwoord: Lol. I really dont have a secret. I just try to keep myself in good shape. In the summers, i work out a lot, and do a lot of weights and swimming. I was fortunate enough to cross paths with Adam Barnes 8 years ago, and he helped me out a lot with my summer workouts. Also how to keep my body in good enough shape without killing me in the summer. And my wife, Rose, really help transform my diet since we’ve been together. She makes me eat vegetables and fruit…lol…not just chicken and rice. So im thankful to her as well.

Vraag: in the summer you go always back to Omaha. What are you doing to be in shape for first training Donar?
Antwoord: weights, swimming, and court workouts.

Vraag: most players of last season are coming back. How great is that and how important is that for a team?
Antwoord: its crucial in my opinion.  We dont have to spend time learning coach and his system. We also know each other plays. I think signing Lance and Chase back were HUGE. Chase impacts the game in so many ways. Hes a really smart player but also extremely athletic. Lance is an unbelievable player with a high IQ, and he gives our team a toughness we need. Hes also a tremendous leader so im glad to be back with those guys.

Vraag: late September you will play in the Basketball Champions League. Looking forward to that?
Antwoord: I am definitely looking forward to Champions league. Im thankful for the opportunity and i hope we can play our way into the regular season.

Vraag: what are your personal goals for next season?
Antwoord: my personal goals are always the same…figure out my role to help my team win and try to play it to the best of my abilities.

Vraag: what means Donar for you?
Antwoord: Donar means everything to me. The fans, the organization, and the city of Groningen will always have a place in my heart. Ive had a lot of ups and downs while ive been with donar, but the fans and the club have always had my back. So helping the club achieve success is a great thing for me.

Vraag: do you want say something to the fans?
Antwoord: I want to say thank you to the fans…for always showing up and paying good money to see us play. You guys are truly the best fans in holland, and donar wouldnt be what it is without you.

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